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History of Mandir

The More (Gotra: Goyal) clans all over India has an ancestral root to a hamlet in Rajasthan. This village is known as Badi Beri, Taluk: Didwana, Dist: Nagaur, Pin code:341551, Rajasthan. Hundreds of More (Goyal) families all over India come to this undescript hamlet to worship and take blessings for their prosperity from ancient temple of More Sati Dadi. More Dadi has been always kind to its devotees and showered them with health, wealth and prosperity in life.

This Dadi Mandir has helped generations of the More families to maintain a sense of belonging and kept them united together.

As the story goes “More” surname came from a village “Morawa”; From Morawa people migrated to different places for better prospects and started settling in nearby villages with surname “More” and Gotra “Goyal”. This process of migration continued over centuries and with the progress in science and technology people migrated to different parts of India to grab the opportunities of Industrial development of British Raj and settled in Metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Nagpur etc.

More Sati has a history of more than 400 years and is testimony to feminine bravery and sacrifice.

This ancient Shakti temple is worshipped in the memory of Jaisal Bai from Ladnu who became sati for Kesoramji during the ruling period of Mughal emperor Jahangir in 1605 AD (as per Vikram Samvat: Baisakh sudi Teej 1662). Another Sati Dewal Bai of Didwana became Sati on Pathrulalji in the year 1743 AD during the ruling period of Mughal emperor Md Ibrahim and Md. Shah (As per Vikram Samvat: Mangsir badi dooj 1800)
There is another story that a girl became sati with a calf, which died during grazing in field as her mother scoldingly told her to do so.

There were two small temple in the current location which were given a proper concrete shape first in 1958 by Smt. Mani Devi More Wife of Chiranjilalji More and Shri Hardwarji More Son of Shri Jagganathji More.

In this Mandir there is no statue or image of any Gods. A Trident in the form of power and force is worshipped which is considered as the "Supreme Might".

More (Goyal) brothers all over India have united in 2010 and decided in a meeting on 7/3/2010 at More Bhawan Badi Beri that it is their prime duty to make a grand Temple at the original site of old Mandir and unite all the More (Goyal) brothers who are spread across length and breath of India. The new temple construction is near completion with generous donation of More friends and brothers. A grand opening ceremony is planned from 26th to 29th August 2011.